The Company of Devils
@ 2 p.m.

Run at Phoenix 2019, Waipara Adventure Centre, NZ


by quentin bourne

A group of soldiers on the losing side of the war band together out of desperation rather than any liking for each other and attempt to escape their now occupied country. They travel for days, weeks, through the rain and the mud, heading for the nearest border. They survive on meagre supplies scavenged from burnt out farm buildings and old encampments. Progress is slow - they constantly have to hide and double back and wait to avoid enemy patrols. Finally they reach the mountain range that marks the border and begin their treacherous climb. Deep in the mountains, they find something.

A game about a band of desperate soldiers who find something ancient and dangerous and, above all, valuable

This is a bit of an experiment and I can't be certain it'll turn out well, so be warned.