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Best of the Wurst

by Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Mike Snowdon, Julie Winnard

1942: Occupied France

In Quimper Castle Hotel, overlooking the sleepy town of Quimper, a very important event is being planned. To demonstrate that German/Franco relations are, in fact, excellent, Colonel Kronenburg has organised a sausage tasting competition – the best German wurst against sausages from across Europe! Is there any doubt who will win? There are even rumours of a visiting Very Important Person. But in a hotel famed for its painting of St Francis of Assisi with the Large Boobies and the Great Tits (it’s a nature scene), the ...

Graduation Day

The independent city-state of Tourmaline is ruled by the wizards of the White College. Prince Ambrose, the younger son of the King of neighbouring Arlandia, was sent to the White College to receive a gentleman's education. To the surprise of many he actually passed his final exams. Today Prince Ambrose is holding the traditional graduation feast to honour the College Masters.

The Sky Like Glass

by lee patrick

In a far corner of the galaxy, there is a planet no outsider should ever see, surrounded by an opaque dome.

There are many legends about the domed planet, and just as many theories about what might lurk on its surface, but one common thread runs through them all:

Keep out.

Stay away.

This place is not for you.

It's a shame humans have never really been good at following instructions.

The Sky Like Glass is a sci-fi horror LARP about crossing boundaries, uncovering secrets, and the consequences that follow.

Down and out in Middenburg

Life in Arlandia isn't all knights in shining armour and heroes winning pots of gold.

For the court of the Beggar King of Middenburg the deeds of Mighty Kings and Wizards aren't nearly so important as defending your begging spot, avoiding being roughed up by the city watch, and finding a decent recipe for rat stew...

The Left Hand

by Katia De Lu and Matthew Baird

Content Warnings: Intense emotions, Seriously Unhealthy Relationships, Gaslighting, Manipulation, Verbal/Emotional Abuse, Financial and Emotional Exploitation, Murder, Suicide, Cults

You are a member of a new-age cult, run by two charismatic leaders. They have invited you, and several of your rivals, to an exclusive event where you must prove your worthiness to become their new Left Hand. Only one will be chosen.

Can you navigate the toxic environment of manipulation, gaslighting, and bitter rivalries to be the chosen one? What inner mysteries of the cult can you discover? And what happened to the ...


by Jen Hay

Content Warnings: Mind control (and related loss of bodily autonomy), Romance, Hidden Identities, Villainy, Murder

The Nuclear Option is dead. Time to deal with the fallout.

The villain was killed by their nemesis, Legend, in a battle that will not soon be forgotten. You and your fellow villains have agreed to a ceasefire, so you can pay your respects to the greatest villain of all time. Tensions are high. Secrets abound. Villains don’t play well with others, and no one can be certain if the cease fire will even be honoured.

Of course, there’s also ...

Welcome to The Neighbourhood

by Lee Patrick

You’re dead. And that’s fine!

At least, that’s what the cheerful sign you passed on the way in said. When it wasn’t somewhat alarmingly flickering in and out of existence.

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t the afterlife you were hoping for. Maybe you were expecting clouds and harps and cherubs; maybe you were expecting an endless party; maybe you weren’t expecting anything but nothingness. What you definitely weren’t expecting was bored, apathetic demons staffing a shoddy-looking neighbourhood that doesn’t seem like it’ll stay standing for the next ...

The Constanta Blockade

by Tony Mitton & AJ Smith

Seven years after the war the Federation’s grip on the once-rebellious Outer Worlds ratchets ever tighter. Even previously free ports, which stayed as neutral as possible during hostilities, suffer as shipping licences get awarded exclusively to large, core-based megacorps and all other transportation risks classification as smuggling.

Constanta Station is one of these free ports. Long-reputed a safe base for free-traders of all stripes and protected by a highly-organised ruling gang, the station has suddenly come under full interdiction by the Second Fleet. The reason is unknown, but rumours abound.

Is it due to ...

Path Through Purgatory

by Ciarán Searle

Content Warnings: Death, Hopelessness, Twisted Morality

It has been three years since the bombs went off. Three years of hiding, scrounging and survival. Then, for the first time in a long time, a radio message. A set of co-ordinates and a single word, “Safety”.

You packed up the remnants of your supplies; others who heard the signal have joined along the way. Together you walk in a small, grim convoy.

This is your last chance.

Magic In the Air

by Ian Bayard and Stuart Stoddart

Content Warnings: Blind-dates, Sexual Innuendo

A selection of lucky wizards are hoping to find laughter, love and maybe that special someone to share a tower with – all in front of a live studio audience, tonight on “Magic In the Air”, MBC’s top-rated wizard dating show.

The Company of Devils

by quentin bourne

A group of soldiers on the losing side of the war band together out of desperation rather than any liking for each other and attempt to escape their now occupied country. They travel for days, weeks, through the rain and the mud, heading for the nearest border. They survive on meagre supplies scavenged from burnt out farm buildings and old encampments. Progress is slow - they constantly have to hide and double back and wait to avoid enemy patrols. Finally they reach the mountain range that marks the border and begin their treacherous climb. Deep in the mountains ...

Le Streghe

by Summer Jolly

In the small town of Lowich trouble is afoot. Someone has been murdered! Although the death itself isn’t a surprise – after all, the townsfolk are very much aware that death occurs all the time – the means by which they were murdered is peculiar. Many in the town point their finger towards witches. Others are more skeptical and think it was more like an accidental fire.

The townsfolk have been called together to determine a course of action! And the Mayor has called in the FBI to dig deeper into the mystery that plagues this town. Or ...

Your Last Day Here

by Tayla Jones and Ethan Gullery

Content Warnings: Death, zombies, weaponry.

“Emergency broadcast. Emergency broadcast. Evacuation of New York City. Docks, airports, tunnels, and bridges closed. Rooftop retrieval only. Send your coordinates on this frequency between 2100 and 2110 hours. Transportation to ship in open waters. Do not approach the dead. Bitten personnel will not be accepted onto rescue transports. Fuel low. This will be our last transport. If you do not make it: Godspeed.”

You are a group of survivors in New York City. You’ve fought your way through the hordes of the undead to the nearest skyscraper ...

The Borden Legacy

Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, UK

by Nickey Barnard, Philippa Dall, Dave Dorward, Clare Gardener

Humankind lives in a world without existential uncertainties. The Great Old Ones are here among us and they give little regard for any individual human. Pray to them. Worship them. Hope that should their gaze fall upon you that it is a benevolent one.

It is 1892. In the small Massachusetts town of Fall River such large concerns seem far away. All worship the Lord Dagon, of course, and his Progeny are respected members of the local community, but his dread gaze has never been drawn to your sleepy town in ...