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Larp: Magi-academy: The World is Broken

If you are reading this acceptance letter, please know that allowing a mundane person to come into possession of this will carry severe consequences for both them and yourself. However, if you can actually read this, congratulations, you are attuned to the ways of the arcane, and someone you know has recommended you to our program. Enrollment is ongoing and there is a spot waiting for you right now. Should you accept, a portal will open between your world and the Inbetween. It is in this space where you will learn to manifest your gift(s), harness your power, and, hopefully, help us to help make the world a better and safer place. While there, the world will have an excuse for your absence which won’t disrupt things. (Please, leave your electronic devices at home. They won’t survive the trip.) If you choose to decline this offer, simply lie down in a comfortable place, and tear this letter in two. The letter, and your memory of it, will disappear. I hope very much to see you soon. - Professor Daria Muse
Stories Together is a new framework for collaborative, improvisational storytelling. The rules are mechanics-light, and are designed for larpers of all experience levels (including "none"). Magiacademy is a story told by all of the players - there is no central GM. There is lead storyteller for any given scene, and they guide the story forward but do not control it. Sometimes, the lead storyteller role will shift between players as the story progresses. There will be someone there to explain the mechanics, should any questions come up. In the end, everyone makes a story, together.
6 to 16 players