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Larp: The Oncoming Storm

The Time Lords of Gallifrey and the Daleks of Skaro are locked in an endless war. Their TARDISes are frozen and all hope of escape is impossible -- until the Doctor returns to break their bubble of stasis. But even if the Doctor can untangle their temporal knot, can he bring an end to the apocalyptic war that ravaged time and space, and can he help Gallifrey choose a new future? "The Oncoming Storm" is a game of politics, science fiction, and emotional introspection for 13 players (Doctors, High Council, and Daleks). It lasts 5 hours and has lengthy character sheets. All background is provided so a complete newcomer to the "Doctor Who" television show can enjoy the game, but fans of the canon will find a lot of it brought together in these characters.
13-player maximum