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Larp: Deadlands: Dying Off Into the Sunset

It's gettin' late in the town of Ghostcreek. The last train is late coming in, the doors on the ol' saloon are creekin' again, the local railroad folks are fighting again, and that old shaman's proclaiming that there's gonna be some kind of catastrophe that'll turn the whole town into Hell on Earth. That's a mighty big claim to make just because the dead walk among us, demons are tricking folks for their souls, and the local mine is full of the screams of the damned. Well, I reckon if we all keep our wits about us, we should all get through this ok, right pardner? What? No...put the gun down...please, you know me, you wouldn't do- This is a game set in the universe of Deadlands, which focuses on "The Weird West" by combining elements of horror and good ol' westerns. This game is relatively mechanically heavy, though many players will only be dealing with combat and a game-spanning system that changes the way certain things operate as the game progresses. The game will include some propped gore (bullet wounds, zombie makeup, etc.) and combine action, drama, fantasy, and most abundantly horror in a small town in the Wild West. Do you have the cahones to tough it out? NOTE: This game is expected to have a high character mortality rate. While no character is scripted to die, not everyone will make it out alive. As such, we ask players signing up to entertain the notion that their character may kick the bucket. Be assured, we have sufficient ways of keeping players in the game that this shouldn't be catastrophic to your enjoyment.
21-player maximum