We All Fall Down
@ 11 a.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA


by Katie Zenke

The characters in a book of nursery rhymes live their stories every time the book is opened by a reader and the stories never deviate from the events told in the rhymes. But what if those characters didn't want to live those stories anymore? What if they were given the chance to change their fates?

One particular Mother Goose book has fallen to the floor and the characters come tumbling out. Now they have a rare opportunity to interact outside of their prescribed rhymes and perhaps to change their stories or their places in those stories before the reader comes back. Will they change the rhymes and stories forever or will they leave them as they are?

This is a game where players will take on the roles of nursery rhyme characters we've all known since childhood. The themes are drawn from the nursery rhymes themselves, but mostly stay away from being very dark. This game is role playing heavy and rules light with lots of room for player creativity. All ages welcome.