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Larp: Multiplied Loyalties

The Vor Game

Anna Bradley

You are invited to an Imperial Ball, to be held by Gregor Vorbarra of Barrayar. The occasion is the birth of his first son, heir to the Barrayaran throne. There will be fine food, fine wine and plenty of dancing. This invitation would be unwise to refuse, as this honor is not offered to just anybody. The possibilities for networking are endless. Everybody who is anybody will be there. So put on your best clothing, and off to the ball with you. Just -- be careful...

Politics, power games, and personal vendettas are the order of the day when visiting dignitaries arrive on Barrayar to celebrate the birth of the royal heir. With them arrive the usual (and some not so usual) intrigues and dangers. Whose side will you be on? Will you work with Imperial security? Will you follow the Vorkosigan family's lead? Or will you make your own stand and do what YOU think is right? As usual not everything is as it seems and not everyone is who they say, but if you stay alert you just may come out on top.

You have read the books, you have dreamed of meeting Miles, wanted to dance the Mirror Dance - well, now you can! Come be a Vor lord or a visiting diplomat. A painted Cetogandan or a business savvy Komarran. This is your opportunity to be in the universe that Lois McMaster Bujold has created in her wonderful books, and has allowed us to write a LARP about. Experience intrigues and mysteries, plots and counterplots, romance -- and relatives -- at the Emperor's Ball.

Authors: Anna Bradley, David Kapell, Alex Bradley

22 to 25 players