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Larp: Cats Like Food

by Zeb Dezern, Zach (Greer) Hauptman Good morning, humans! It's time to feed me! Good morning, cats. Go away, we want to sleep. As on all days, the three rent-paying inhabitants of apartment 4 are trying to sleep in after a long day and night of work, play, and possibly just a touch of over-indulgence. As on all days, the four feline inhabitants rise from the comfortable spots they have found on top of humans and furniture, meowing in the hopes of being offered all the food in the house as early as possible. And as on all days, Traitor Jo, the parrot, and Draco, the ferret, have a couple of con schemes running in the background. So the sun is creeping over the horizon and as usual, everyone wants the usual thing. All it usually takes is some friendly communication to get everyone what they want. Cats Like Food is a light social game of morning hijinks, delicious snack food and the antics of 3 humans and their 6 animal companions for 6-9 players. Negotiate, work together (as much as cats ever do) and try accomplish your goals as you role-play to communicate across the inter-species language barrier(s). Get in a short cat nap, if you can! Snacks (of the people-food variety) may be provided.
6 to 10 players