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Larp: Fuyu no Yuri: Winter Lilies

by Li-Chi Young Things were so much simpler in high school. Those days at Houjou Academy For Girls were full of wistful memories. Back then the world was pure, and friendships were tender. Few people questioned how close the students were to one another... after all, girls at girls schools would naturally be close to each other. Tonight, several young women who attended Houjou Academy gather to welcome the new year and say goodbye to the year past. They are each other's dear friends and chosen family. Many things have happened to them in the years since graduation: some of of them have stayed with their high school sweethearts, others have not... some still harbor feelings unspoken. This new year's eve will be one none of them will ever forget, one of many conclusions, and some new beginnings. Fuyu no Yuri: Winter Lilies is a LARP inspired by lesbian fiction, yuri manga, and Class-S literature. It's an emotionally intimate game about desire, loneliness, affairs, breaking up, getting back together again, queer identities, intimacy, and the question 'Where does platonic love end and romantic love begin?' All characters in the game are 18 to 22 year old queer females, except one character who can be interpreted as female, genderfluid, non-binary, or as a closeted trans man. Male players may sign up for this game, but they will be cross cast. Though the game does not feature sexual content, due to the focus on emotional intimacy between the characters, you must be 18+ to sign up. This game includes homosexuality, a genderqueer character, death of a partner, and the possibility of sexual conduct in a character's history if all involved players agree that it happened.
7 to 11 players