Where in the Heart is Carmen Sandiego?
@ 8 p.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA


by Jayson Lynch, Andrew Clough, Kendra Beckler, Beth Hocking

For ten years, the world has only known her by her capers. As the most stylish and ingenious thief of all time, she has stolen priceless artifacts, recruited a large slice of the criminal underworld into her service, outsmarted the ACME detectives at every turn, and even faked her own death - - twice.

"ACME Detectives Foiled Again" crowed newspapers around the world the day VILE stole the Taj Mahal in their latest escapade, but the mood inside the great monument was anything but celebratory. The accident left in its wake only loneliness, regret, anger, grief, and madness.

The heist had gone wrong from the start, with injuries and then malfunctioning technogadgets and then a big blow-up between Dr Sara Bellum and Dr Paige Turner. The blow-up fight turned into a real blow up. The explosion left multiple VILE agents dead, including Carmen Sandiego herself.

After two previous false alarms, the VILE agents didn't immediately believe that Carmen was dead. But this time was different. There were no ACME agents watching the dramatic display. There was no dramatic display! Everything Carmen had ever done had great flair and the finest finesse; getting peppered with small shards of metal in the dark, dank underground beneath the Taj Mahal with no audience did not fit her MO.

Carmen's henchmen have now gathered for her wake, still wrestling with the fallout of the heist gone wrong above and beyond their already dysfunctional lives. What will become of VILE with its charismatic, brilliant leader? What will become of each of them without the boss they so idolized? The VILE agents know they don't have long to mourn Carmen's death or make sense of it all, as it is only a matter of time until ACME arrives to bust them and transport the Taj Mahal back to where it belongs.

This game is a serious take on what goes on behind closed doors in VILE, what forms the dark underbelly of the organization. Each member in VILE is there because their life problems have driven them to join Carmen's life of ridiculous, silly, and over the top criminal pranks.