The Men of Mars
@ 8 p.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA


by Will Wagner

IPS Void Ship Isaac Newton

Current Status

Date: March 4, 2046 (Earth reckoning) Location: in transit to Mars (interrupted) Time since departure: 6 days 4 hours 21 minutes 15 seconds Time to port: Unknown Crew: (10) Passengers: (5) Classified Mission: Classified

Life Support: Online/Nominal Communications: Offline Engines: Offline Navigation: Offline Point Defense: Offline

PROXIMITY WARNING: Unidentified vessel -- 10 meters off port-side bow

PATHOGEN WARNING: Unidentified pathogen detected!

EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN ACTIVATED: Remain suited and at your emergency stations until the all clear is sounded!

The computer has a current status on the screen - but you don't quite remember who you are, or why you are here. You only know that you have something important to accomplish...

GAME NOTE: This is an amnesia game set on a space ship. Some parts of the set may be close quarters and/or in darkness for some if not much of the game.

NOTE: While this is a continuation of the Void Stalkers campaign (and a kickoff of the new one), it is not necessary for players to have played in any previous game and, while the occurrences in this game will affect the upcoming campaign, nor it it necessary for players to continue after this game. This game will be a stand-alone with pre-created characters.