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Larp: Another Flag of Bones

a game of pirates, murder and intrigue

by Will Wagner A few days ago, Thomas Goldbeard, only son of Blackbeard was killed. Blackbeard's daughter, Bethany led the other pirate children in the investigation and discovered that Sarah "Windlass" Bellamy, daughter of "Black Sam" Bellamy was responsible. Sarah paid the wergeld, but in the ransacking that they did for their investigation, Bethany uncovered a stash of letters from the English and Spanish Admiralty in the Caribbean which suggests that SOMEONE on the Council is a traitorous dog! A Flag of Bones ran at Intercon O, specifically for kids. Another Flag of Bones is the continuation of that story and is written for 20 players, with 8 roles designed for kids (ages 8-15) and the rest for "adults" playing concurrently and with some overlapping plots.
13 to 20 players