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Larp: Panel

the LARP

Author: Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks Players: 25-50 Today's panel will have the topic "War Stories -- Threats and Menaces". The distinguished slate of six panelists are drawn from diverse backgrounds, covering all aspects of LARPing. They will discuss the subject, and field questions from the audience. Well, that's the theory, anyway. Join us for a satire of LARPs and panels, in the one-hour micro-game "Panel -- the LARP". There are a limited number of Panelist roles, for people who want to sit up at the front. And there are lots of Audience roles, for the various loons who get to drive the Panelists crazy. This isn't precisely a Horde game (Audience members will mostly have the same character for the whole time, and jump into the fray as appropriate), but is rather similar to one in style and tone. So come attend our Panel, as we attempt to thoroughly explore the subject of "War Stories -- Threat or Menace?" in 45 minutes of mayhem.
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