Darkness Visible
@ 9 a.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA. Run 2 (Fremont)


by Emily Care Boss

The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

England, 17th century. Civil war rages. Plague, fire and heresy ravage the land. The European Enlightenment movement beckons, fed by study and scholarship hailing back to the ancient Greeks preserved and built upon by Muslim scholars, and forever changing the course of knowledge and politics in the Christian west.

In 1608, John Milton is born. Poet, theologian, political and social theorist and radical. From an idealist scholar to a disillusioned blind and ailing master poet. His works influenced centuries of English speaking poets and writers, undergirded the burgeoning French and American revolutions, and foreshadowed feminist critiques of society (perhaps despite himself).

In Paradise Lost, Milton's great epic poem, Satan raises a host of heaven against God. Milton's anti-hero has perilous parallels with the author and his chosen partisans, who rise up against Charles the First and eventually take the head of the King of England.

Explore Paradise Lost from the inside. And examine the many sides of Milton.

Darkness Visible is a freeform larp, in the American Freeform tradition. It will be run in the Nordic freeform or scenario style of having discrete scenes, with a director using Meta- techniques. We'll do workshopping at the start to get familiar with the period and ease into the techniques. Roles are sets of different characters to play in the parallel settings, similar to roles in the Tale-telling larp tradition of Alleged Entertainment (such as The Last Seder and 10 Bad Larps). Roles will be cast independent of gender. Some roles involve directing scenes.

Knowledge of the era is not needed to play, but is welcome. Historical characters and events may be composited or abstracted.