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Larp: Apotheosis

by Nasia Alevizos, Steph Cybart, Michael Foster and Winter Light It’s 2056, and the world is bright and exciting. The last 40 years have brought dramatic evolutions in gene therapy, medical science and robotics. People can change their appearance in dynamic and unbelievable ways, have previously untreatable illnesses cured, and purchase their own household robot or genetically altered pet. However, we are still learning and accelerating forward, testing the limits of the possible. New Zealand has in the last half-century become the powerhouse of innovation, and is known throughout the world for its excellence in research and development as its scientific community shifts the paradigm of the future. Teleportation, space travel, hoverboards… There is no limit to what we can achieve if we set our minds to it. We already have these technologies in their infancy, and now we at LifeBetter want to hear your ideas. We want to listen to your dreams. We want to make them real. Science fiction is here! We are making the future! Won’t you join us in discovering it? Apotheosis is a Science Fiction LARP with transhuman elements.
63-player maximum