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Larp: Life's Sacrifice

by Brady Tatro, David Camacho The god of life once gave her gifts to the world of man. Humans lived nearly immortal lives, being brought back from nearly any injury by the grace of the god of life. This was how things were for as long as anyone could remember. That is until the god of life became corrupted. No one is really sure how it happened, maybe another god, maybe a truly evil human, it is not known, but what matters is what happened after the corruption. When someone died, instead of being brought back as who they were, their minds were taken and their body would just shamble and attack the living, killing and infecting their victim. For many months this was only an oddity happening rarely, with the corpses being dealt without much loss. However as the years went on less and less people would return whole after visiting the god of life. Cities began to fall as the corruption swept through. Panic has set into the world as the immortality of humanity has fallen into question. Although many cities still stand behind their walls, almost all the temples of power have been destroyed. Without these temples humanity will lose their magic and all hope of defeating the corruption. Two plans were created, one hopes to save the god of life, returning her to what she was giving the armies of humanity a fighting chance to combat the monstrous hordes, and the other seeks to destroy her destroying humanities immortality but also the corpses. Your magic is limited and the corpses are breaking down what little defenses you have at the temple, sacrifices will need to be made. You must succeed. You are the last hope of humanity.
9 to 15 players