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Larp: Pub Crawl

by Nat Budin, Vito D'Agosta, Tegan Kehoe, Phoebe Roberts, and Susan Weiner It is New Year's Eve in Bridgewater. The factories closed 50 years ago and the trains stopped running here. It is a time of transition, not just between years, but between the past and the future for the city. The pubs are teeming with joy, hope, and regret. Locals wander among them, seeing old friends and talking about the changes to come. Pub Crawl will follow a shifting group of characters as they travel from bar to bar. All players will take the roles of multiple characters over the course of the game. At each bar transition, some characters will leave the focal group and others will join. Each new bar brings different faces and a new backdrop for the issues the city is facing. This game is real-world, real- issues, roleplaying-heavy, and mechanics-light. Content warnings: simulated alcohol consumption, automotive accidents, childbirth, substance addiction, sexual topics, class issues, anti-immigrant sentiment, gambling, New Year's Eve. Ages 16+.
8 to 12 players