Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
@ 8 p.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA


by Dave Kapell, Alex Bradley, Larisa Allen

When pirates meet in port, they tell stories of treasures: buried gold and jewels, sunken ships still brimming with cargo. Later at night, in hushed tones, older sailors talk of secret treasures -- hidden not to keep them safe, but to keep us safe from them -- and of lost cities of gold. The young sailors laugh at these stories, but once they’ve been on the seas a while, the old hands say, they too will believe.

With the end of the War of Spanish Succession and the rise of the trade routes, many military trained sailors have found themselves turning to piracy work. Two of the most infamous ships, The Red Lady and the Shatterjack, have been recruiting heavily recently, and making a name for themselves in a series of high profile raids on Spanish and English cargo ships.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a swashbuckling occult four hour one-shot boffer game using the Accelerant rules told over a number of scenarios. It is inspired by pirate stories, from On Stranger Tides and Treasure Island to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Players will take on the roles of members of the crews of The Red Lady and the Shatterjack, and play the same character through the game. Content will include various piratical themes including alcohol and drug addiction, murder, prostitution, religious zealotry, body horror, and intense roleplay. 18+ only.