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Larp: Honor & Profit

by Joshua B. Marcus Welcome to Honor and Profit, where a man on his way home from work can be murdered and the news reports only a case of vandalism against the company that assembled him. Are you an investigator, hunting down the vandal that destroyed a company's property, but wishing you could forget the victim's last words? Or are you an anarchist protestor, raging against the death of the lone proletariat, innumerable in body but genetically identical? Are you the head of a charitable non-profit that cures the sick, raking in mega-credits of take home pay? Or are you a corporate visionary, subverting humanity to save it from itself? Which do you value more: Honor or Profit? Do you give lip service to both, or fuel your rage against one with the energy of the other? If you care to make that choice, or can't refuse their call, come and make your move in a world where the lines are blurred but the stakes are clear. Welcome to Honor & Profit. Logistical Bits Honor & Profit is a gritty exploration of a dark future inspired by Bladerunner, Android: Netrunner, Phillip K. Dick, and Detective Noir.. Players are strongly encouraged to costume over the top, we would like to see cyborgs, clones, and genetically modified humans intermingling with hard boiled detectives, femme fatales, and corporate aristocrats. Costuming hints will endeavor to inspire. This game is intended for mature audiences. On a movie scale it would probably rate an R. 18+ only unless a parent says otherwise.
21 to 30 players