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Larp: Cast Party

by Susan Weiner Tonight is the cast party for a small community theater in a large college town. Their latest show "The Night Watchman's Daughter" has just finished relatively successfully. It was well- reviewed, covered its costs through ticket sales, and even made enough money to pay for some food and booze for a nice cast party. The last showing has gone up and it's time to relax, hang out with friends in the cast and talk about what's next. Cast party is a game that looks at the relationship between player and character in both in and out of game ways. The in game portion is actually a two-hour game. Before the game, players will have a chance to fill out casting questionnaires, and then read all the character sheets. In the first hour, they will use this information to cast themselves. Then they play the game in the remaining time, ending with a debrief and discussion of casting. 18+ Only. Content Warnings: Pregnancy, miscarriage, polyamory, non-binary gender, prostitution, relationship issues, jealousy, biphobia, gender dysphoria
8-player maximum