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Larp: Also Sprach Ubermensch

What is Also Sprach Übermensch? Well, to understand that, you first have to understand the title, and to understand the title, you must first read it in a totally ridiculous, completely over-done German accent. That’s because to understand ANYTHING in Also Sprach Übermensch you have to say it in a totally ridiculous, completely over-done accent! This is a LARP, you see, about language. It takes places, in fact, at a linguistics conference. Many of the characters are, unsurprisingly, linguists. But, most importantly, EVERYONE has some sort of totally ridiculous, completely over-done accent. From the shores of China to the southern U.S., through Scotland, Germany, and the High Seas, Also Sprach Übermensch’s characters hail from all over the world and while English may be the international language, no two versions are the same. If you would like to spend a couple of hours speaking in, and listening to, totally ridiculous, completely over-done accents while navigating a conference full of the looniest academics you can imagine, Also Sprach Übermensch is the game for you.
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