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Larp: Some Assembly Required


Knights vs. Cowboys... Wizards vs. Jedi... Superhero-Pirate-Robots vs. Alien-Police-Ninjas... Build a castle... Build a space ship... Build a giant hampster wheel of destruction with lasers to incinerate your enemies... All is possible in the world of Lego! Who knows what'll happen in this build-anything be-anything adventure when worlds collide.

This is game of over-the-top adventure with light hearted humor. The unlimited creativity of playing with Lego is brought into this game in two major ways. Players can be anything, any mix of genres, just as it's possible to mix sets of Lego together to create unique and crazy combination characters. Also, players will be able to build anything they can imagine to bring into the game world.

Expect to find PvP combat, PvE adventuring, light puzzles and open ended challenges. Involvement in any given one of these will mostly be optional, so you'll largely steer the game in any direction. Plus... you get to play with Legos!

Bringing a costume and props is critical for this game. Everything that's propped exists with some functionality, and you get to use anything you bring!

20-player maximum