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Larp: Sentinel Comics Issue #404: Lock Down


by John “Izzy” Isabella and Nick Knapp

Welcome to the daily tour of the Freedom Tower, the home of the Greatest Heroes the world has ever known. Our tour will begin momentarily, it is important to note that the heroes will be flying in and out as calls for help come in. We ask that you do not impede the heroes during these emergencies, otherwise most of them are willing to sign an autograph if you ask nicely. If you will all follow me this way, we will begin our tour. Now over here on our left we can see … (Siren begins to sound loudly) Everyone please remain calm, this must be an unscheduled lock-down drill. Not to worry, everyone kindly stick together and remain in a straight line. The tour will have to detour around the laser grid array and the security robots. Otherwise on behalf of the heroes I hope you all enjoy your Freedom Tower experience and remember, no flash photography in the restricted areas.

-Aminia Twain Tour Guide & Secretary of the Freedom Tower

This game is takes place in the Sentinels of the Multiverse world. While there will be several recognizable characters from the card game in this LARP, they will also be joined by everyday people without powers. Tour groups and news crews will be waiting anxiously to see if the greatest hero team ever assembled will have others join their ranks. In this time of crisis, who among you will prove to be the true heroes?

20-player maximum