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Larp: Infinite Magical Glories: Impact Mosaic

e Magical Era began a decade ago. For ten years, humanity has been vulnerable to strange supernatural threats beyond our comprehension. Void Terrors, the native creatures of the outer darkness, swarm across the Earth to feed on our thoughts and our emotions. Mad demiurges seek to rip apart reality so that they might replace it with something different. But where there is fear, there is hope -- and where there are monsters, there are heroes! No one knows why it is that a few young men and women find themselves gifted with magical abilities, but it is clear that the world's salvation rests in their hands. Shining Princesses -- usually just called "magical girls" -- stand guard over the treasured dreams of mankind, which manifest as glorious paradise worlds in the depths of the void. Mystic Knights duel with one another to attain the mysterious Grails, said to hold unmatched power within them. Who could be surprised that these rare, extraordinary souls -- soldiers in a war that no one else can understand -- should be drawn to one another? Every Memorial Day, the legendary Princess Phyrelios hosts a grand party at her house in Minneapolis. Knights and Princesses from across the United States are invited. For a few brief days, our nation's magical heroes can catch up with their far-flung comrades, and hopefully find some measure of peace and joy in a difficult world. We hope that you will be able to attend.
Infinite Magical Glories: Impact Mosaic is a twenty-person LARP written by Warren Tusk, Kristen Hendricks, and David Kotsonis. It's an anime-style story about magical girls, occult duelists, dorky house parties, community tensions, complicated feelings, and ridiculously over-the-top arcane powers