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Larp: Freakshow

by Mo Holkar, Traci Whitehead It is the late 1960s and the heyday of fairground sideshow attractions. There's not much on the telly and so people throng to the fairs when they arrive on the town common. You work the side show. You make your living by persuading people pay to look at you. Or by people watching you risk life and limb. Or maybe you just persuade people to give you money in exchange for trinkets or a bit of light banter. You may be there because you were born with the show, or perhaps you heard the siren call of the music of the fair and followed it one day. Perhaps you are running away from something in your former life. Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the fair. All human life is here! It’s the last day of the season. It’s been a season of friendships, challenges, love, loss. All human life in miniature. In a couple of hours the music and lights will start for the last show before the fair breaks for winter. What will happen? Will you be heading off to winter quarters, or maybe you have a home to go to outside of the fair. How will you get through the winter until the fair is back on the road.
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