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Larp: Absalom's Reach

by Alex Helm, Rich Wood A century ago an Imperial Navy vessel under the command of Lord Admiral Absalom Vendrassion vanished in the warp. The ship had been written off with all hands until suddenly returning after several decades. The crew spoke of being lost for years until emerging into a sector of unmapped space full of rich worlds, lost civilisations and xenos species. Eventually Absalom's ship found its way home again and had managed to map the warp route back to what quickly became know as Absalom's Reach. Ten years ago, the Imperium launched an official expedition into Absalom's Reach. An invitation was issued to all known Rogue Traders (merchant princes with their own starships) to embark on a ten year mission to explore, plunder and conquer the worlds of the lost sector. After that time they were to return to the gateway world of Hope Falls to report on their findings to the officials of the Imperium, such that a decision as to whether a full crusade should be launched could be made. Several Rogue Traders responded to the call and now the ten year period is up. All have returned to the ancient ruined city upon Hope Falls where the likes of the Administratum, Military and Inquisition all eagerly await. But ten years is a long time for feuds to form, alliances to be struck and secrets to be hidden. This gathering is sure to be anything but peaceful, especially when far above in orbit the mighty starships circle, each carrying enough firepower to obliterate the entire planet many times over. Wylde Deluzion presents a game of exploration, feuds and spaceships the size of cities in the grim darkness of the far future.
25 to 35 players