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Larp: Winter of Discontent


by Mel Dymond Harper, Mo Holkar

Journey back to the Middle Ages, when superstition, ignorance and a robust approach to hygiene hold sway over the isolated community of Bassethwaite, gripped in unnatural winter and civil strife. In Winter of Discontent, the Age of Reason is far in the future, and the Renaissance a mere glimmer in a visionary eye. Nobles, tradesfolk, guildsmen and of course the omnipresent peasants throng the streets in protest or cower within, fearing the end of the world may be at hand. Will the deathly chill ever end? Will St Kevin intercede to protect his beloved people? Will Sir Humphrey return from the Crusades to depose the wicked Sheriff of Basset? Will the lake thaw in time for the villagers' annual Ferret Rolling? Find out all this and more, as you take the role of a character in Winter of Discontent. And may God have mercy on your soul…

24-player maximum