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Larp: Needful Things


by Dream Cloutman-Green, Jon Cloutman-Green, Steve Bassett

The Blythe family have roots dating back to the 17th century. A family that have always had great successes spread across 2 continents. The Blythe Corporation have been in acquisitions and loans since 1912, a family company with reputation for family values, even though it now employs over 50,000 employees. Tonight is a party for its centennial and it’s not just any party, it’s Christmas Eve and that means that the Blythes are going to do what they do best and celebrate Christmas. The family are here, as are their guests, as well as those employees who are have been lucky enough to win the employee lottery and get an invite.

There is a cloud on the horizon however, the Blythe family have recently lost their eldest son and the business climate is not what it once was. Some have even speculated that this Christmas party is the last one of its type that the family will hold. Those employees who have invites are anxious to hear more news and the other guests are just as keen to hear any gossip about ‘the family'.

Come share the Christmas cheer whether you’re an employee, guest or member of the family. Needful Things is a game set in the modern day where everyone has a plan, a future and an end game, except for those that don't, and nothing is what it appears to be.

NB This game does have some adult content. It has nothing to do with Needful Things the film as Dream hasn't watched it because it may scare her, she just came up with the title.

This event has been planned and executed by Evil Twin Inc. a subsidiary of The Blythe Corporation™

30-player maximum