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Larp: Saga of the Lost

by Nick Curd, Alex Jones, Alli Mawhinney, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden & Traci Whitehead 13 Norse set off five nights ago from Nidaros on the Viking longship Reinen under command of Harkan the Reckless. The aim to raid helpless monasteries on the west coast of Ireland and steal their livestock and gold. Last night an almighty storm hit and the Norse protect themselves within the hull waiting it out. The storm subsides slightly and when the Norse emerge they discover themselves trapped within a Lagoon separated by a causeway, which will be passable at high tide. Looking at the small island they notice it is capped by a faintly lit wooden building – clearly a monastery. They pull the Reinen up onto the beach, draw their weapons and charge up to the monastery…
12-player maximum