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Larp: 12Light30


by Mik Reed

Set in a generic near future world where humanity has spread out amongst the stars you play the movers and shakers. The people who have dipped their toes in the murky world of black ops and sometimes come up clean. A group of politicians and a group of military types have been brought together to guide the mission many light years away. Play a hawk, a dove, or one of those tasked with making everything run smoothly between the two.

Players have a short character briefing including personal goals, everyone may not be what they seem and some peoples pasts may be shadier than others. While pursuing your overall goal of the mercenary mission, you will be looking for options to also forward your personal agendas.

12light30 runs for around 90 minutes, with 60 minutes of that in game. It uses lasertag technology to deal with all health issues, be that being shot, stunned, poisoned or healed. All players will wear a lightweight headband. This is a non-contact game and the technology involved is no more dangerous than a TV remote.

10-player maximum