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Larp: Blackie's Bar and Grill, Grand Cayman


Pirate Town, Grand Cayman, the notorious home of the highest concentration of super humans on the planet. Here the Blackie's chain of super criminal theme bars has located its brand new resort. Some people call this "paradise."

Next week the resort opens to the public. This week it played host to a conference between the good guys and the bad guys. The United States and the United Nations (nominally representing the forces of good) have managed to get the Earth's six most powerful super villain warlords to sit down for a for a conference. The agenda is very detailed, but it was best summed up by journalist who described it as "hammering out the fine point of how not to destroy the planet."

It has not been a good week. The conference has seemed to accomplish little more than the angry destruction of conference tables as fast as they can be replaced. Tonight was supposed to be a final reception to celebrate the conference's success, but no one has much reason to celebrate. This is a party with the Earth's most powerful, dangerous, and unhappy people.

Grand Cayman welcomes you to paradise. Please take your minions home with you when you leave.

25 to 38 players