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Larp: Eternal War: Conclave

by Alli Mawhinney & Ric Mawhinney The War began with the first Fall just after Creation. When the Morning Star fell he brought with him other Angels and they began to battle those still loyal to the Creator for the souls of humanity. It has raged ever since, Angels and Fallen vying for the souls of the faithful. It is 2065 and the world is changing, the Creator has been silent for 2000 years, there are less true believer souls to fight over and casualties mount on both sides. The Archangels and the Prime Fallen have started to contemplate the unthinkable, that the War could end and that peace could be forged between the two sides. A conclave has been called, the Arbitrator will oversee it, and representatives from both sides will try to come up with a peace treaty that all could agree to. But the War has been eternal and many on both sides have no desire for peace, holding on to thousand year grudges they cannot let go. The Conclave has been called, you are to attend, for what will you speak for? A hawk wanting war or a dove seeking peace?
15-player maximum