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Larp: Small World

by Martin L Jones It's a Small World... Two million five hundred thousand tonnes of gently spinning rock and ice... all alone in the night. Sounds a lot... but really it's not – a freezing rock less than two hundred meters in its longest dimension, it's barely big enough to snug alongside to mask your mass profile from the Feds. An old League listening post reworked into a smuggler's den, it's a pretty spartan bolt-hole – and it's not even your bolt-hole. But word is that 'Mack the Spanner' went out last month in a blaze of glory... or at least a rapidly expanding ball of gas and wreckage. So he's not about to argue ownership. So with your air slowly leaking out of a busted airlock, a hold full of contraband, and a Federation cruiser on your tail you needed somewhere to run to. Somewhere with air, and fuel – and this was about the best option any of you could think of. But you're not the only ones interested in Mack's old rock, a crew containing a ghost from your past is also there – someone with unfinished business. An incredible coincidence, but then, as the saying goes... it's a small world. Setting: Tony and AJ have kindly allowed me to play in their Firefly inspired universe. For costuming purposes think 'Space Cowboy'. For more on the setting see: https://sites.google.com/site/linfarnrun/home/background
12 players