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Larp: Keep it in the Family


by Mo Holkar

All families have secrets. Some families are very good at keeping them… But when one comes out, others may follow. What will happen when you’re dragged out into the light? Will you Keep it in the Family?

Six characters meet at a family dinner. Each has a secret. Each is torn between love, loyalty, and fear of exposure. During the course of the larp, all these secrets will come out – this is not about whether secrets can be kept or not. It’s about what happens when they emerge.

The larp will play out during a succession of scenes that prelude, make up, and epilogue the dinner party. Not all characters will be involved in all scenes (the so-called ‘spotlight scenes’ structure).

The characters are designed skeletally, and players will flesh them out together during a preparatory workshop preceding the larp. There will also be a debrief afterwards to help process the emotional effects of play.

Recommended for people who are interested in tabletop storygaming and in Nordic-style larp. And/or who’ve enjoyed The Outsiders or None but the Brave that I’ve been involved in running the last couple of Consequenceses.

(This larp was heavily inspired by Ashley Griffiths' A Family Affair, which I strongly recommend.)

6-player maximum