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Larp: A Reunion At Katmeers


A few days ago, an owl brought your invitation to the Katmeers School of Witchcraft and Wizardry class of 2005 reunion. You shake your head at the cheery tone of the invitation, remembering the tragedy that marked your years at Katmeers. You detest that place, and all the painful memories it holds. And yet, you can't help but be drawn back. You have unfinished business with the school and the other students - well the ones who weren't killed and managed to stay out of Lon-Lon Prison. And so, you find yourself on the Katmeers Express, heading back to the site of the final battle that destroyed Thevadra, the Dark Lady, and killed nearly half of your classmates, including one Drew Carpenter, the chosen one. "A Reunion at Katmeers" is a Old Stanford Gaming Society style one-shot LARP for 14 players. It is a game steeped in the lore of "Harry Potter" and "The Legend of Zelda", and many of the characters are superficially recognizable - but don't let it fool you into thinking someone is what they aren't! Stop by gaming to fill out an app. Game will be cast on a first come-first serve basis with preference given to those who filled out an app ahead of time!

14-player maximum