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Larp: Burning Bridges

by David Coronado, Michelle McNeill and Matt Branstad It’s been a year since the War ended, the flames of independence stamped out by the mailed purple boot of the Alliance. As time passes, the emergency prohibitions and wartime restrictions have begun to relax. Here on Anubis Station, things are getting back to normal. Traffic is picking up, travelers are lookin’ a bit less nervous, and the Alliance hasn’t pulled a lockdown in months. For Dorian Lo, who won ownership of the station in a card game a few months back, it’s a time to settle in and contemplate the future. For the hard-workin’ Anubis crew, it’s a time to relax from the eternal struggle to keep ahead of the maintenance and housekeeping. And for those in dock, it’s a chance to relax, contemplate the majesty of the nearby asteroid belt, and blow off a little steam. The Savannah (Firefly-class freighter), Scorpion (Arrowhead-class courier) have been happily docked at the station all day. The Honeybee (Promise-class salvage ship) just towed the Fortune (Firefly-class transport and victim of an unfortunate engineering mishap) safely into dock, and , and the Uriel (Monarch-class freighter) is docking now. So now there’s five ships’ worth of crew on a 4000 square-foot space station. It’s a nice, quiet day out in the Black. What could go wrong?