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Larp: The Shattered Circle

By Rowena Knill, Reuben Strom and Sarah Daymond Based in Bioware's Dragon Age setting, this game explores the dynamics between Knights of the Templar order and the Mages of the Circle. All is not well between the two groups, as Mages chafe against circle restrictions, and Templars note increased use of forbidden, dangerous magic amongst their charges. Will an accord be reached? Or are the Circle's days numbered? Set between the events of Dragon Age 2 and 3, The Shattered Circle is an R18 parlour LARP with mature and dark themes. It is combat-light, but boffer combat may occur. Prior knowledge of the Dragon Age universe is not required, but may help. (A small spoiler warning regarding events of Dragon Age 1 and 2, as these will be referenced during the game).
16 to 20 players