Break Room 3 - Basilisk Green

Run at Brooklyn Community Centre, Wellington


By Catherine and Stephanie Pegg

In the massive dungeon network of Invidius the Indifferently Coloured, adventurers are questing - and dying - as per normal. In Break Room 3-Basilisk-Green, however, things aren't so rosy. The Sewage Crawlers' Union is complaining that all the gelatinous cubes are cutting into their hours and agitating while on break; the kobold tribes and skeleton archers are fighting over the arrow-supplies; a young hobgoblin in Torture and Reclamation is trying to get married to Sherril from Supplies (and the HR Guy is furious, because that would mean neither could be vivisected without a special permission slip); two surface fairies aren't sure what they're doing here; Thog the Bloody and Carnatia's long-standing feud has evolved into hurtful language and name-calling (it's very frightening); and... someone brought...cake.

A cartoonish game of fantasy humour, black comedy of the life-is-cheap flavour