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Larp: The Emperor Wants YOU!


You are a citizen of Coruscant, and you have just been drafted to serve the Emperor as one of his Stormtroopers. Due to the Empire’s need, gender and height requirements have been waived. Report to the recruitment center immediately or face terminal processing. Be aware that reports of high mortality rates in the current conflict are nothing more than Rebel propaganda. You will be stationed on an idyllic forest moon, presiding over a classified construction projection. The natives are small, cherubic, bear-like creatures, and rumors of their aggression are exaggerated, as are stories that the Rebels are massing for a final assault. The Rebellion is broken and scattered! The hour of our victory is at hand! Join the winning team!

This is a short, social live-action game that focuses on the players as recruits for the Empire in the hours before they are shipped off to Endor. Immersive role-playing with an emphasis on dark comedy is encouraged, but there will be few opportunities for violent narrative play.

30-player maximum