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Larp: The Siege of Storm’s End


The Siege of Storm's End was a year-long siege during Robert's Rebellion that took place concurrently with much of the war. It was carried out by the forces of the Reach led by House Tyrell against the garrison of Storm's End.

After raising his banners in rebellion, Robert Baratheon, then Lord of Storm's End, had ordered his younger brother, Stannis, to hold the garrison at Storm's End and defend the family seat from the loyalist army.

Following his defeat at the Battle of Ashford, Robert Baratheon fled north all the way to Stoney Sept. Instead of pursuing Robert, Lord Mace Tyrell, the Warden of the South whose army had defeated the rebellious lord, chose to march on the ancestral seat of House Baratheon. It would be a massive blow to Robert's prestige if his own castle fell, and his supporters would start abandoning the rebel cause.

While the rebellion raged on, Lord Tyrell besieged the castle for an entire year both by land and by sea. True to his orders, Stannis resisted and refused to yield despite being forced to eat the horses, cats, and dogs of the castle, and eventually even rats and glue. Meanwhile, the Tyrell army feasted in full view of the castle walls to taunt the besieged garrison.

This night, you will play Lord Stannis and his bannermen, both perfidious and true. Tonight, you will determine the outcome of the siege.

20-player maximum