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Larp: The Prince's Diamond Jubilee

Come Visit Night City. But beware. For in its sewers and dark alleys and yes, in its theatres and office towers, lurk the powerful undead - Vampires. They do exist. They manipulate us, use us, and feed upon us. They are there, just out of sight, hidden by... the Masquerade. The vampire Prince of Night City has ruled his domain for sixty years. Those who have dared to challenge his power have paid the price. But sixty years is a long time, even amongst the ageless undead. There are those who whisper that the Prince has fought one battle too many, that his strength has been exhausted, and that he can no longer enforce the Traditions. Now the Kindred of Night City gather at their Prince's command to Present themselves in honor of his Diamond Jubilee. The occasion may honour the past, but the Kindred will come to witness the future.
The Prince's Diamond Jubilee is a live action roleplaying game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. The Kindred of Night City gather in celebration of their Prince's Diamond Jubilee, and to pursue their own quests for power, love or hope. You can play one of the vampires of Night City, and help determine the course of future events in that city.
25 to 31 players