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Larp: The Immortal Country

The Immortal Country is a fantasy LARP set amongst the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Here gods war for power, professors seek tenure and immortality, servants riot for equality, bewildered freshmen are trying to make their way, and a group of scientists is growing concerned about the volcano in the middle of the island. Atlantis is an island ruled by Neanderthals, intellectuallly superior creatures who have created a high and magnificent culture. Homo Sapiens are 'servants' with few rights of their own. Some people, however, have started to get ideas -- that they should be equals. A flurry of new religions seem to be springing up in the midst of this chaotic mess. In the war amongst the gods, there are those who will do almost anything -- even grant immortality -- to gain worshippers. Some of the gods, however, seem very angry that any of the other gods are worshipped at all...
10 to 20 players