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Larp: Oracle of Amun


It is October of 1915, and it is quiet at the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. One inn caters to the Westerners at the Oasis, a small collection dominated by the Archaeological team exploring the ancient site of the Oracle of Amun. Europe is gripped in War, and the Ottomans are fighting the British and French at Gallipoli, across the Mediterranean. British troops and the untested Australian and New Zealand troops are deployed in Egypt, but war hasn't made it this far behind lines.

The Oracle of Amun is an introduction to the Campaign Shadows of Amun, scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2013. It is a live-combat game written with theater-style players in mind, but it uses light weapons and nerf guns for combat resolution. Pre-written characters will be provided, but players familiar with the rules for Shadows of Amun may submit their own statistics and backgrounds, but not all characters submitted that way will be accepted. No experience is necessary, and players not intending to take part in the campaign are welcome.