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Larp: Night at Miskatonik University: Hand of Cairo

NaMU: Hand of Cairo


1932, Cairo game centered around the Lovecraft Mythos. Using a home-brewed system loosely inspired by Cthulhu Live 3rd Ed. and silent combat systems.


The year was 1922 in which the Archaeologist and Miskatonic University Professor, NM Wright first discovered the burial tomb of a heretofore unidentified Egyptian deity. With grants from the University, Wright's team had excavated the first main burial chamber and corridor, however the embalming ritual chamber had yet to be discovered when the project's funding was abruptly pulled from Miskatonic in 1927. Regardless of the project's cancellation the site remained unspoiled, and those artifacts collected had been shipped off to the college for further study. Though many of Wright's close colleagues, friends and students know that the Professor kept his own private collection of specimen's from the dig and had the desire to continue the work of uncovering more about the mysterious and exciting tomb.

It is currently 1932 Cairo, Egypt, and a private investor has funded a new team of archaeologists, explorers, and anthropologists to continue the excavation being lead by the Professor who has already started work a year in advance. You are one of the talented anthropologists, archaeologists, scientists, colleagues, family members or assistants to Professor NM Wright, and have just arrived in the city of Cairo, Egypt 2 to 3 days ago. You are to continue the excavation along with the Professor at a local outpost (and current office of the Professor) only a few miles from the dig. Once everyone has met up, and organized their supplies, and been briefed by the Professor, you will continue on to the tents that will be your home for the next couple of months, but since you've landed, no one has heard or seen the Professor; the air is thick with foreboding, and the nights have been eerily quiet...

5 to 12 players