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Larp: Expedition: Voices from Afar

Humanity has been thriving and growing for generations. We've entered a new age of scientific discovery and understanding of our world. We have come to understand the nature of the atoms we are made of, the animals on land, sea and air. While we don't understand all of the living beings on this planet we call home, our sense of curiosity has shifted our gaze to the skies. A rudimentary space program grew from this scientific curiosity. Rockets that could go further and further out into the void. We wanted to learn more. We wanted to explore places man had never been. Our imagination and drive were limitless but our science would only let us go so far. We understood so little of our place in the universe, but we understood ourselves to be alone in it. That understanding was shattered when something fell into the middle of the desert. Something unnatural. By the time it was recovered, however, the sand had worn it to to the point of scrap metal. Scientists tried to determine the nature of the object and it was about to be called a hoax when another one fell in the middle of a populated area. And this time� it spoke. Something is coming from beyond the stars and it is coming here. The people of the world looked to the scientific community and the leaders of the world for answers. People all over flocked to try to see the device from the stars. From the farthest reaches of Lagonia to the mountains of Hanyer, people have come from all four corners of Planet Copnus to see proof of life beyond the stars.
Expedition: Voices from Afar is a game about political intrigue, difficult decisions and what happens when the unexpected arrives. This game and the other two Expedition games are part of one meta-game, and will affect and be affected by them in a limited manner. They are each complete games, and will all have their own internal plot.
10 to 14 players