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Larp: Slash 4: Agents of S.L.A.S.H

medeathewitch and EllenB
by ellen boucher and anna klein SUPERCON - The greatest gathering of superheroes on earth! An ADULT game of comedy, innuendo, super heroes and broken players. Humanity's defenders gather to discuss threats to the planet, discuss uniform changes, get hammered angst and of course, engage in sexy sexy trysts (Hey baby, wanna know why they call me the Iron Man?) But something nefarious is brewing off-earth and SUPERCON is coming under a strange attack. Can the Agents of S.L.A.S.H defend themselves and fight off Glittergeddon? Or will next year's SUPERCON be a conclave of victorious villains? And most importantly, just what *is* that bulge in Batman’s suit? To find out the answers to all this and more, tune in and costume up for another very silly and brain-breaking R18 game in the Slash series.