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Larp: The Epidemic

by anna klein They're calling it the 'Martian measles', if you get the version with the spots. It's 'star flu', if you get the version without. The experts in the news say that's rubbish, they say we can't know for sure it's come from Mars, or the moon, or anywhere off-earth. But if it hasn't, then where has it been all this time? Why has it only turned up now, now that the aliens are here? Forty years ago, the aliens arrived, from across space, in large starships that have hovered outside earth's atmosphere, lazily orbiting, like a dozen new moons. They have mining on the moon, started colonies on Mars, and they brought technology and knowledge to the people of earth. For forty years, a tenuous and uneasy relationship has been fostered with these extra terrestrials. Some say they are friends, leaders, teachers, here to help raise humanity to new peaks of science and civilisation. Many others are suspicious of the aliens and their ways, of their knowledge and of their intentions. And now, it seems, their fears were founded, as a disease unlike any other started spreading through the densely populated human cities, outstripping all human medical knowledge. The fatality rate is 90%. As the "star flu" trickles into a new city, fear and suspicion spread like wildfire, and most people are pointing fingers at the aliens, who seem unaffected by the disease. The game takes place in a hospital, where the infected and their families are trying to cope with the reality of the epidemic, and a group of aliens, claiming to be doctors, have arrived to take charge of the situation. The game will focus on fear and confrontation. Mature themes.
18-player maximum