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Larp: On the Rails

With the shrill of a whistle and a shudder of metal you slide away from the Cairo station and begin the four hour trip to Alexandria. Despite the twinge of anxiety one always feels when riding the rails, there's really nothing to worry about. Years ago there might have been some trouble getting everything running smoothly, but this is the year of our lord 1885, and it's plain foolishness to fret about steam engines now. The passengers, on the other hand, are something to watch out for. Everyone knows that Her Majesty's Cairo Railway is thick with businessmen, adventurers, diplomats, and occasional foreign princes, but it's also a popular ride for thieves, spies, and dissidents, all trying to gain something from the trip. You might overhear an important political deal, but then again you might get your throat slit if you stick your nose in the wrong business. You can't put your finger on it, but today's trip has an extra edge to it for some reason. So keep your eyes open, because you never know what might happen on the rails.
22 to 30 players