Venting Day
@ 9 a.m.

Intercon Q, Crowne Plaza Hotel, warwick, RI


by Chris Shannon

Space is cold, but people can be colder. You are on The Damocles, a spacecraft pulling towards Persephone Prime. Before docking, the ship must go through venting, required atmospheric cleansing of the ship. Everyone will gather on the bridge to wait for the process to end. With passengers and crew sealed up, anything could be revealed.

Venting Day takes place in three alternate universes where The Damocles and those aboard change roles based on the nature of the universe. Your character may be a pilot, a priest, and then a gambler, but the character is essentially the same person. A fourth scene will draw the game to a conclusion.

Venting Day is an emotionally narrative game that focuses on role-play for 7 players. 18+