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Larp: Afterlife

by Xavid Pretzer, Jayson Lynch, Katie Sedlar, and Samuel Dukhovni There was a deep darkness. Then a burning light. And now you're here. Whatever you thought the afterlife would be, this isn't what you expected. Your soul feels restless, fraying. Unless you manage to connect it to a proper afterlife soon, you'll be stuck like this forever. This is a mildly serious, vaguely philosophical game about exploring the afterlife, figuring out why you died, and deciding where to go from here. Game includes many casual references to Christianity, Satanism, Buddhism, and Egyptian and Norse mythology; players with strong religious beliefs may be offended. Potential triggers: All characters have died just before game start, mostly in unpleasant ways. Game includes suicidal and psychopathic characters. Recommended age 13+.
11 to 17 players